GG Allin & Antiseen - War in my Head

We all need to get beyond life to fully reach our potential.
As I retreat to a dark corner within my blistering soul I reload my weapon.
Frantically taking inventory of unconnected thoughts I plot.
You see what I only choose to cast upon thee.
But like a snake's attack it deceives you,
then strips you like lightning and kills.
If you only knew of my defiance against society,
you'll know of my passion for blood. I'm not one of you.
I wanna kill you all. A massacre of terrorist action.

I'm all cold, I'm not friendly, don't talk to me
There's a war in my head and I'm your enemy
I've got nothin' to say so just walk on by
But look over your shoulder all the time

No rational behavior is my philosophy
I get the full (???) of society
People every where, I just don't care, I don't care
I'm a bullet and the ending of you, enemy

(One! Two! Three! Four!)

Soon to die you all will be drowning in a pool of your own blood.
Gasping as I watch, aloud laughing, my heart beats with excitement
at a deliberate holocaust. As I defecate in the mouths of mortals,
I see nothing existing around me but mere movie. A script not known to my mind.
As they all play follow-the-leader I shatter the screen. You scream.
I laugh. I scream. You cry. I win. You die. I'm the leading man.

In the dead of night, I'm the psychopath mind
I'm the sidewalk walker, walkin' the line
There's a war in my head that's taken its course
You're in a body bag and I got no remorse

I got no feelings for anybody
I take who I want and I steal what I need
Eliminate the obstacles in my way... hey
You better understand I'm your enemy... I'm your enemy... Enemy