Black Sabbath - The End (All 4 New Tracks 2016)

01. Season Of The Dead
02. Cry All Night
03. Take Me Home
04. Isolated Man
BLACK SABBATH is selling a new limited-edition CD titled "The End" at the shows on its current farewell tour, which kicked off on January 20 in Omaha, Nebraska. The disc feature four previously unheard studio tracks left off the band's 2013 reunion album, "13", as well as live versions of four songs from the world tour the band did in support of that disc.

SABBATH recorded a total of 16 songs for "13", putting eight on the album and issuing four more on various deluxe editions. Bassist Geezer Butler told The Pulse Of Radio: "We went into the studio with, I think, 13 songs, which is why the album is called '13', but then when we were in the studio we wrote another three songs, which brought it up to 16 songs, and then we left it up to [producer] Rick Rubin to pick which songs would go on the album. And then we had the four left over and that's what we decided to do as a gig-only CD."

The four studio cuts — "Season Of The Dead", "Cry All Night", "Take Me Home" and "Isolated Man" — have surfaced on YouTube and can be streamed below. They feature drums by Brad Wilk.

The live tracks, with drumming from Tommy Clufetos, are "God Is Dead? , "Under The Sun", "End Of The Beginning" and "Age Of Reason". The live cuts were recorded in Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand and Hamilton, Ontario.

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