Angel Witch -- Frontal Assault -- 1988 - J.C.I. / KillerWatt Records

1. Dream World
2. She don't Lie
3. Frontal Assault
4. Something Wrong
5. Straight From Hell
6. Evil Game's
7. Waltz The Night
8. Goodbye
9. Fatal Kiss
10. Whose To Blame

2013 Tyranny Music Group
A Video By: Robert Mirabilio For T.M.G.
Executive Producer: Tim O'Brian 
1987, KillerWatt Record's, 1988, J.C.I. Records Warner S.P.
Label Mate's With "TYRANNY" Per Sec 170, 178,
This music Video Is for the intent of teaching future generation's the root's of Metal Music
Not to be used for Profit Or For AnyOne To RIP, ANGEL WITCH or TYRANNY OFF,,
2013 Tyranny Music B.M.I.
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