Crimson Thorn "Unearthed"(1995) full album ϟ

Artist: Crimson Thorn
Album: Unearthed
Genre: Unblack metal / Death Metal / Brutal Death
Country: USA (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Year: 1995


1. Unearthed 03:21
2. Decrepit 03:29
3. Cultivate Decay 04:03
4. Ignorant Self 03:02
5. Your Carcass 02:55
6. Asphyxiated 03:28
7. Malignant Masters 03:35
8. Defaced 03:10
9. Comatose 05:28
10. Imminent Wrath 02:25
11. No Exceptions 02:32

A&R -- Mike Williamson 
Bass, Vocals -- Luke Renno
Composed By -- Crimson Thorn
Drums -- Kevin Sundberg
Engineer -- Thomas Miller 
Executive Producer -- Mike Williamson 
Guitar, Backing Vocals [Bgv's] -- Miles Sunde
Lyrics By -- Andy Heuer, Crimson Thorn, Tom Sundberg
Producer -- Crimson Thorn

Crimson Thorn - example of Christian groups not reached any great heights and popularity , but it has become a living legend. They just were not on the same site with the best Christian metal bands - Extol, Mortification, Living Sacrifice, Tourniquet and Bloodgood, but has not signed a permanent contract with any label. Even in the camp of the Crimson Thorn frequent changes , but the basic core of the group is still kept by its founders - Luke Renno and Mailze Sande .
Their history dates back to 1990 , when Luke and Mailz met at a concert Barren Cross. Two long-haired guy addicted to heavy music , quickly found a common language. After the joint strumming , they created a death-metal- band Obadiah, later renamed Crimson Thorn. If you translate the meaning of the group's name in our language , the literal translation can not do here as it is in the sense of the pain caused to Christ 's Crown of Thorns , rending his head spikes , which was one of the stages of his great suffering before death on the cross . Other musicians joined the group as friends, Luke and Mailzom , although many of them for a long time in the Crimson Thorn did not linger .
Crimson Thorn on creativity influenced many groups, including Christian - Vengeance, the Crucified, Believer, Deliverance and secular - Rush, Slayer, Napalm Death and Carcass. But the musicians are not without sympathy for classic rock , jazz, funk and blues.
In 1992, the band recorded a demo CD The Plagued by Studio Blue Moon Studios. On their first concerts already going up to 500 people , which was a very great result for the group that did not have time contract with the label. But this is explained by the fact that the selected group in the style of those years experienced a boom and was very popular among metalhedov .
Having signed a record deal with Atomic Records, Crimson Thorn released their debut album Unearthed, which is engaged in distribution of REX Records (Believer, Living Sacrifice, Paramaecium, Whitecross) and Morphine Records. But in the same year, 1995, the label REX Records went bankrupt and ordered to live long , so the Crimson Thorn had to move on Morphine Records, where he was released the next drive Dissection. The band's style has become more difficult because its members are drawn away of style grindcore. Implementation album took Little Rose Productions.
During the first vytupleny group in Europe, especially the warm welcome they have Norwegian fans for a long time are imprinted in memory Crimson Thorn. Moreover , speaking in Scandinavia musicians firmly friends with Extol.
Not finding for himself a permanent label , the band , after nearly five-year hiatus , independently released album Purification, recorded at the home studio of Kevin Sandberg . Then the guys went on tour with the Tortured Conscience. Later , concluded a contract with the label Hispanic Silent Music Records, Crimson Thorn allowed to play the first concerts in Mexico City.
In 2005, the band released a two-disc album of the best songs Unearthed for Dissection, and seemed to end his career . But in 2006, the Crimson Thorn appeared on the site of the festival , along with Cornerstone Ultimatum and Neon Cross.
In 2007, the band announced that it was preparing to release a new album , the release date is delayed for two years. And in 2008, their song was included on the compilation Dissection 10th Anniversary Collection of the Finnish label Bullroser Records.
Each member of the group has a permanent jobs , and today they prefer to spend more time with their families , rather than on the stage or in the studio. But until the release of their highly anticipated new album , fans of the group remains hope for a speedy return of Crimson Thorn.