Ghost B.C. - The Olde One - Papaganda Ep. 1

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Much has been written about enigmatic Swedish theatrical metal band Ghost B.C.—"subversive," "refreshing," "blasphemous"—but even in all those countless reviews, interviews, and thinkpieces do we miss the words that properly incapsulate what it is about this clan of nameless ghouls that makes them so endlessly captivating, hooking listeners from the most disparate corners of music fandom.

With a live show that more closely resembles a pre-apocalyptic occult ceremony than anything you might refer to as a "concert," the collective, helmed by current harbinger Papa Emeritus II, delivers spiritual awakening and religious deviance to their devoted followers. In the first episode of Papaganda, our mini-series on the cult of Ghost B.C., we explore the papal lineage, the reign of Emeritus II, and the future of the Ghost dynasty.

Directed by Greg Olliver

Ghost B.C. - "Monstrance Clock" (Official Video):

Catch Ghost on tour this fall with Avenged Sevenfold and Deftones:

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Director - Greg Olliver
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