Mercyful Fate - Nightmare (Studio Version)

Mercyful Fate - Nightmare from the 1984 album "Don't Break The Oath"

Am I awake or is this just a dream? 
I had a nightmare, some sort of vision 

I was stuck in an empty room 
When the black book appeared 

The lights were dim, but the face in the book
Was in daylight 

Eyes of fire staring at me 
It's the eyes of a woman 
And I see, on her spirit 
Steppin' out of the book

Solo: Michael Denner

I hear her callin' for her coven to come 
There's a light in the doorway 
Entering shadows whose number is 13 
They do the sign of the Devil's seed 
I'm in the middle of a magic ring 
Somebody tell me, what's goin' on 
"Only we know the secret of the curse 
that you bear" 

Listen, they sing, the coven sings 
Night after night I hear them sing 
No, they're still here, I can hear them again 
Night after night I have this dream 
"You are insane!" 
"You are insane!" 
"You are insane!" 
"You are insane!" 

"You're only living on borrowed time from 
your fate"

Solo: Hank Shermann 

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